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Flickering front lights

I had LED bulbs put in few days back and have noticed that while they function perfectly without issue. Upon the headlights being turned off and the car locked they’ll start to intermittently flicker for amount 2 minutes before staying off.

I’m curious to know why and how to stop it. For now it’s no biggy but I can see myself wanting to try stop it in a week or two.

This phenomenon has been around since LED’s came on the market. LED lights are extremely low power and when they are shut off…some electronic components will provide enough power after the lights are turned off to cause them to flicker for a short while. You are lucky since some LED’s have a problem that causes them to stay on even after they are turned off. I don’t know the fix but I’m sure there will be a suitable fix in the pipeline very shortly.

Ah, cheers for the reply! It’s nothing to worry about then? I’m not gonna go turn it on done day to find it flat due to the LEDs have a small rave each time the cars locked? :slight_smile:

No. As I already stated…you are one of the lucky ones.