Flexible paint

In 2000 a bear attacked my pickup truck ('87 Toyota), bending up the vent louver cowl (the bit of sheet

metal between the hood and the windshield, whence the ventilation system draws its air). I bent it back and re-secured it. However it is flexible and every paint

I have applied has cracked at the bends. I know how to paint: I have successfully repainted lots of other places on the truck. Is there a flexible paint?

The paint requires a flex agent mixed in with it. Locate a parts store that also sells automotive paint supplies. Give them the paint code for your vehicle, and purchase a quart of paint with a flex agent mixed in.


I have also heard it called a “flex additive” in case the guy at the parts store looks at you like you are from Mars.

Polyurethane is flexible, and is available with a matte or gloss finish.

There are also flexible primers made for this purpose. They help the paint adhere to the car. Painting plastic bumpers without “bulldog primer” is a big mistake.

I used flex agent/additive to paint a dashboard with an airbrush and it was as good looking as the original. Maroon over blue too.