"Flat" (matte) paint coming back?

Love the way it looks.
Saw it for the firstime several years ago.
Then learned of problems washing the car and having shiny areas appear.
Then have not.iced flat paint until just recently.
Have they found a solution to the problem?

Thank you.

No solution to the problem. If you want flat colors, you need to follow a long list of instructions to prevent making it spotty.


It used to be just on expensive cars, now I saw a Hyundai suv reviewed on Motor Week with it, and they didn’t even mention it.

Not a fan. But everyone has different likes.


Agree with Mike. Went to a car show Saturday, Studebaker pickup in flat with pinstripes. To me, any vehicle with flat just looks like they quit before applying the gloss clear coat,
In very rare cases, hood angle/design might benefit from flat paint to reduce/eliminate glare.

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I think that it looks… unattractive… but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, as the old saying says…
To each his own.

Or as someone whom I used to know thought the saying said… Teach his own.

There isomething about flat (matte) which I liked the moment I first noticed it.
Don’t knowhat it is, and would not pay for it, but I like it.

Technically, this new paint finish on new cars is ‘matte’, not ‘flat’. It has a little bit of sheen.

I don’t think it’s coming ‘back’, it was never here to begin with.

On the BMW and Mercedes web sites it’s about a $4,000 option. Only $700 on the Kia site.

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Hyundai does offer a Matte finish on certain models, the idea has moved mainstream from even BMW which offers a range of “frozen” colors, which are the same base color just with a matte finish instead of clear coat.

Saw a matte red finish on a hump back 6 series BMW yesterday. It looked just like red oxide primer… like an unfinished hot rod.

Not an attractive look!

Yeah, ‘different’ does not equal ‘better’ in this case, to me. I put it up there with black wheels. At least both can be avoided, unlike the squashed windows/poor visibility common in most all cars.

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All black wheels are just too much on many cars. I always like at least a polished rim with black centers. My current wheels are dark gray with a white car… could not get a polished or diamond-cut rim edge. White cars with all black wheels is just too much contrast.

Tesla Model 3s with their ugly flat black… flat, not satin, flat… wheels make me wince!

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The neighbor teenager taped off the tires on his Red 2009 Mustang and sprayed the wheels with Flat rattlecan black paint . It looked bad when he did it and now it is fading and peeling .

Not just the 3, pretty much all of them. And worse, it’s not optional, just about all the wheel options are flat black. No thanks.

It is flat black… how can you tell it is fading? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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