Flapping noise on braking

My 1999 Honda Civic has started making a gentle flapping noise when I’m braking. It happens as I’m slowing and stops when I’m at a full stop.

It’s not a grinding, squealing or thumping noise. It occurs at regular intervals, maybe each time the tires revolve.

The car passed inspection about a month and a half ago. No brake work was needed or done then. The tires were also fine.

Any idea what this might be?

Something maybe stuck to your tire or brake rotor. You need to take it in and have it looked at. No useful guesses can come from the internet.

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Not a flappeng, but a definite sound with each tire rotation, started loosing pressure, it went away after I got an old rusty bolt removed from my tire, plugged and patched of course.

May be a tire starting to separate.

Try to figure out which tire it is. Ask a helper to stand in a parking lot as you drive by, slowing down. That should at least determine which side it is. After that put the car on a lift and see if the sound can be heard when manually rotating the tires. If not, given the brake relationship, best bet is to remove the wheels on the affected side and take the brakes apart to see what’s wrong. I heard a noise similar to that on my Corolla when the rear shoes were starting to reach their wear limit. If you have drum brakes on the rear, the only way to determine the amount of shoe wear is to remove the drum.

This could be a CV joint or wheel bearing problem too. Less likely, some sort of suspension problem.