Fixing vinyl dash

My wife is about to buy a used car in good shape except that there are a few cracks or tears in the vinyl dash board. What’s the best way to fix that?


Replacement is easiest. But that depends on the vehicle.


Eastwood sells a kit. Most of their products are pretty good, they’re popular with the resto crowd.
Here’s a link:

You have a couple of options.

  1. Replacement - I spent two years looking for a dash pad for my 93 Caprice. By the time the dash started to crack, most of the surface was brittle and beyond repair. One quote from the internet was $300 plus $150 for shipping for a non-matching pad. I found a matching one in a local junkyard for $15.

  2. Before I found a replacement, I used a Dashmat to cover the old dash. It’s a piece of carpet molded to the shape of the dash pad. Now it protects the replacement dash pad.

3, There is also a dash cap, a thin plastic shell that fits over the old dash. There were none available for my Caprice so I can’t vouch for it.

Good luck,

Ed B.