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Fixing a splitting dashboard


After hearing the discussion on the gentleman farmer with the splitting dashboard, and the artistic suggestions for repairing it, I thought you might like to see a picture of my artcar. Minnesota has a very large artcar community. If I can figure out a way to upload a photo on this site, I’ll let you see what mine looks like.


One can buy replacement dashboard covers cheap. ~$40-$100
google dashboard covers

The Librarian

Those are just cloth coveres. Yeah they look better than a cracked dash, but they don’t look that great. If you want it to look good check out . I’ve used a couple of them with good results.

Just hit “post your reply” and “attach file”. Then you give it the location of the file and “submit”.

Here in the sunny south, you can find dashboard covers to fit most models in the local flea market. Some have a carpet like appearance. The purpose is to absorb some of the heat so that it doesn’t crack the dash in the first place.