Fixing a 2009 Mini Cooper, a tach problem

A while a go my girlfriend purchased an used 2009 Mini Cooper. As she drove it she noticed a rattle coming from the tachometer and she asked me to fix it. Being the nice guy that I am, I did. The only problem is I left my common sense behind and used a dish sponge as padding so the tach would not rattle. So what do you know the rattling stopped. But the next day her center speedometer went dead. She got mad and told me that I had broken her car. Which I had done. Looking to fix it I purchased a used tach online and installed it. Everything popped back to life. It was fixed. Now there is another problem. When I installed the new tach a tamper indicator light came on. Now as I see it I can do a few things. First, I can take the car to the dealership and get the tach reprogramed. Problem with this is that I don’t know if it will work and I would rather not waste the money if the chances are that the dealer can not reprogram the tach. Or, I can purchase a new tach from the dealership and install it. The problem with this one is that I don’t know if that means that the tach, that is purchased from the dealership, would have to be reprogramed to the car. I also saw somewhere a suggestion to put the chip in the old tach in the new tach, but yet again I don’t know if this would work. Any one have any suggestions?

Stop tinkering with the car. Go visit the dealer or a specialty speedo/tach shop and ask those questions. Then decide if you can afford to fix it.

Minis are BMWs with BMW repair costs.