95 Jetta III Guages

My Girlfriend’s 95 Jetta III’s spedometer and tachometer are no longer working. All of the other guages work fine, but the tach and spedometer just sit there and kinda bounce around zero. The mileage continues to be added on so I know that the guages are getting the speed signal, but has anyone had a similar problem or know a way of fixing it that doesn’t require taking apart most of the dash?

One thing that she has told me is that wehn it gets cold, they sometimes start working. It kinda makes me wonder if its a loose connector, but I haven’t taken apart the dash and I’m not sure of what kind of connectors are back there.

This car is still under warranty yes?

The chances of someone here (unless he/she is a tech) may not be able to help.

I have developed the exact problem with my 95 Jetta III, 5-speed. The speedometer and tach work on the rare occasion but I an’t identify anything that makes this happen. The (Hall) speed sensor tests OK. Any ideas?.

A 12 year warranty? Where does someone get one of those warranties?