Fix small rust spot in the cold?

Hey, just noticed a small rust spot on my recently purchased 07 corrola S. I really want to fix it before it gets worse but Ive heard that touch up paint wont bond in cold weather. Are there any other options, or anything to help prevent it from spreading until the weather warms up? (besides using a garage which I dont have access to)


I don’t think paint can cure correctly below 55C. Trying to fix it now will probably do more damage than waiting till spring.

You have to wait until the weather warms up as paints/fillers don’t adhere/cure in cold weather.

Until the warm weather arrives, coat the rust spot with a heavy application of wax.


Light-weight oil (bar and chain is best because it sticks) will arrest the rust spot such that if you don’t fix it, it will not grow appreciably for years and years. I oil my vehicles every two years. It is a practice that is ages old here in New England. If you only keep your vehicle for 5 or less years, I wouldn’t bother. However, if you keep it for its lifetime, rust will never be an issue if you oil undercoat regularly…messy, but effective. It also makes and car much easier to work on insofar as rust bolts and the like.

I do what Kawasaga does and for cold weather temporary fixes, use “red grease” or regular wheel bearing grease to coat the area. It will accumulate dirt but unless you wipe it off, it coats well, keeps o2 from causing any more rust. In spring, wipe it off, rub it down with a degreaser, sand, prime and paint. This assumes the rust is on the surface from a nick and not a rust through from inside. If from inside, you need to coat both sides…maybe oil sprayed on back side. Bubbling is often a sure sign of interior rust. The exception is if the bubbling is fom a previous, poor touch up job.

The one thing I would reconsider if " oiling" a car, is to use chain oil sparingly on the outside of panels and frame members underneath the car. I would use motor oil for inner panel applications where clogging drain holes might be a problem and where the most damaging rust first appears. Bar and chain oil can get really thick in cold weather. Otherwise, I applaud kawasaga’s comments.