Fix slow oil leak?

Is it worth it to fix a slow oil leak on a 2000 Camry? What should it cost?

Maybe and between $10 and $6,000

I can narrow that answer down if you can give me more info. How much oil is it leaking? Where is it coming from? What engine does your Camry have? Things like that.

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If the repair prevents you from being evicted by your landlord for leaving an oil spot in the parking lot, then perhaps.

What do you believe to be the consequences of ignoring this leak? Is the oil leaking on the timing belt? The exhaust manifold?

Many Toyotas of that age leak oil and it is generally not worth the effort to reseal the engine.

I love this reply. When people ask me what a repair costs over the phone without me having any idea of the problem, I tell them to buy a lottery ticket and add up all the numbers. That is my estimate!


As others say, it “Depends”, no pun intended! Very slow leaks in older cars are usually not worth fixing.

I have several of those over the years, and the easy solution is a cookie sheet with kitty litter on it placed on your garage floor.

If you visit older parking garages you will see oil stains on nearly every parking stall for the same reason.

My Toyota has a small oil pan leak, called “sweating”. and the dealer keeps wanting to fix it for only $550! I have no stain on the garage floor and have never over its 11 year life had to add oil.

All we can say is check your oil regularly and make sure it is not dripping on your timing belt if you have one.

Yeah, that’s the key, checking the oil regularly.

If it’s a slow leak… you can buy a heck of a lot of oil for even the low end quote from most repair shops.

Now if the oil is leaking everywhere and creating a mess… that’s another matter.