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Fix dings and scratches before selling my car?

My 5-yr-old car is very good condition except for some dings and scratches on the surface. (Parking lot scars - why can’t people control their car doors?)

Should I go to the expense of fixing these before selling my car?

A note:
I don’t know if I should sell private-party or not – I leave the US in 3 months, so if I were scammed or the purchase were later contested in any manner, I would not be in the country to resolve the issue. If the time crunch dictates that I sell to Carmax or the like, I’m afraid that I would lose money on the repairs…

Help? Thanks!

No need to post twice:

The scratches are easily and fairly hidden if you use a high quality touch-up paint with the matching color providing there is no rust. Try NAPA for the touch up paint, it’s just a brush on (brush included) application, but good paint that actually matches.

Don’t use a red permanent magic marker to hide a scratch on red paint. Or nail polish. Or Tester model paint. I mean you can, but don’t. Use at least the correct touch up paint, and even that is pretty cheesy but at least it will hold off rust for awhile.
Leave the dings unless the paint is cracked. They are pretty easy to fix, but it’s a process and it takes a few days of good weather to fix them and about $100 in materials.
I know how to refinish cars and your are very easy things to do, but if you are selling the car, probably not worth it. But your selling points depend on who is buying, In some cars, the body is what sells it, regardless of the engine. In others, vice-versa.