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Fish oil additive

Referring to the 8cyl Dodge from 7-31-10 show, what the heck is "fish oil additve?

On the matter of additives, what thoughts on motorsilk??

Long, long ago transmission fluids were whale oil based. Maybe that can lead snake oil salesmen to try to improve their image and mistakenly call their product fish oil. Most additives that promise eternal life for automobile engines and transmissions is for driving in the hereafter. Nothing will make up for proper maintenance. Maybe some additives will make a measurable improvement in longevity and I don’t think any will damage the car. But I’m not sure. Meticulous people often use the additives and give them credit for the success that really came from good basic care.

re the smell, think it’s the “cat”, my originals are starting to stink at 308k.

“Long, long ago transmission fluids were whale oil based”. Whales are not fish. :slight_smile:

… hence, “mistakenly call their product…”