Firebird 3.1 1991 runs good now bad no good bad good bad

The latest and greatest of this saga still continues but at least I can drive it now. K had the car in that shop where the mechanic who got sick jsut kept telling me he was going to get around to it for almost 3 months. My boss a mechanic with a Solus Snap On Diagnostic Scan Tool tells me to bring the car to our shop. So one morning I go to this huys shop pick up the car and it runs worse then ever before, kept shutting down. Got it a little more then half way and it just wouldn’t move any further uphill. So boss pulls my car rest of way with his truck. Get it on Solus and he tells me to replace the stator. I do, it pisses and moans doesnt drive for a day so tried it the next day ran it around for about a half hour in the parking lot ( I was thrilled thought YAYYY I finally got this piece of S— fixed) took it out on the road and half a block down the road damn thing bogs down again loses compression cant drive normally, lose idle and would just barely creep back to the shops parking lot. Engine light comes on, IAC or idle air speed circuit. Next day I go put in an IAC, start driving it around and wow SOB goes driving down the street I got it up to 60mph (hadn’t seen those speeds in months) I’m figuring I got this one now, it has to be fixed. I was driving for about 2 hours. Shut the car off celebrated, got a cheese danish in the local Royal Farms. Came back out, drove out the parking lot and no sooner was I out of the lot on the street she bogs down again, loses compression, idles low -Same s— different day- I just cant live with this same s— different day for the rest of my life. So finally the service writer at my shop tells me of a place that is supposed to be the best around and I bring it there. Same time an eBay computer for it comes in the mail. I go and replace the computer before their shop looks at it and it has been driving ever since.

The only problem I have now is the engine light comes on ( MAP and IAC or Idle speed circuit) when I come to a stop and if I let it sit idle long enough smoke comes from inside the engine compartment. Other then that I beat the s— out of her like I used to before she had a hissy fit.

I’m glad the engine computer pretty much fixed it. The tps (throttle position sensor) can cause similar problems to what your car exhibited. If the tps shows a flat spot (happens most just off idle) or voltage spikes … that’s bad. You could still do the shake test on the wiring. With the engine running, use a stick to move the wiring around a bit. If something changes, you just moved a wire which has a poor connection, or is broken, or is touching another wire or ground.

Are you saying that becuase my TPS spikes the computer sends MAP and IAC codes?
Could this foul the computer again by allowing extra voltage through, hence destroying all kinds of things again? I will probably buy the TPS before you answer this because thinking about that spike. Odd how the engine light only comes on when I am at a stop. What is even more odd is that it has not done it for a while. I do not want to let this thing sit and idle for too long because the smoke was pretty thick (not to much but thick just the same). Once you move the car it stops and not because it is being blown away, it really is only when the car sits idling. I will try moving wiring around using the shake test now that the holidays are here I’ll have time during the day to work on her again.

I used my parents car by the good graces of God they let me use it during my down time. It took 35 years for them to actually do something so gracious. LOL There is always the other side of the coin. I have a Z24 chevy 5 speed that needed a clutch they want me to sell now thinking that all my cars are junk. Now they want me to buy a 99 Hyundai something or other rice burner. YUCK the thing hardly moves and it had its engine light on. The mechanic selling it told me it was the gas cap missing. I find that hard to believe. He had to replace the water pump and the thing is all beat up and dented and they want me to pay for it after I paid over a grand to get my other 2 cars running. They have no concept of what they are expecting me to do so I am giving my Z24 to my brother because no one will give me what that car is really worth mechanically (maybe). I’m keeping my Firebird until I find a Toyota Camry that I like.

Back to the drawing board and thank you hellokit for the good advise.