Fine oil leak at top of windshield post on 2001 MB SL500

I get a drop of two on each corner post at the top after putting the top up or down. Is this a simple fix?

My wild guess is that you have some lubricant that was applied to the alignment posts or the clamp mechanism that’s losing its fluid component in the heat. A good cleaning and relubing with the proper lube might help.

But I’m just wildly guessing.

If we are going to make wild guesses, I will guess that it’s a leak from the hydraulics that raise and lower the top. I’ve seen that on Jags.

I think that’s a great guess.

For some reason I had the impression this car’s top was electrically operated, but I don’t know that - RW, are there hydraulics involved?

I have a '99 SL500 that has had that same oil drip for quite awhile now - and the top is now raising/lowering very slowly.

If anyone learns how to troubleshoot and fix this - or even add oil to the system, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

Yes the top is operated by hydraulics.

There are two cylinders, one front, one rear. Either the cylinders or the hydraulic line connections may form leaks.

The reservoir is in the trunk. Low fluid in the reservoir is the main cause of slow operation.

Some have have had good luck using power steering stop leak fluid for a week or two and then refilling with the proper MB fluid. They are more brave than I.

For a proper repair get a manual and review the system diagnostics. The cylinders are rebuildable, and the hydraulic connections and hoses are available. The main cause of leaks is the use of an improper fluid.