Finding the right part when you're in another country



Help! I live in Sudan and drive a 1993 Suzuki Vitara (4-wheel drive: 5-speed manual transmission) which was probably manufactured for the European market. It needs some simple parts like an air filter and spark plug wires which either aren’t available here or would cost the proverbial arm and leg (like $100 for the air filter!) if ordered from outside Sudan. I know that I could get the right parts in the US and have someone bring them here, but I keep getting directed to parts for the 1993 Suzuki Sidekick which…at least as far as the air filter is concerned…is NOT the same vehicle. The Vitara’s is round, the Sidekick rectangular. Anyway…this overly long question is to ask if anyone knows how I can get the information I need, either on-line or by calling a magic number. Thanks!