Finding the right car

Hi Im a relatively new driver and have been recently driving a 2004 honda civic.

I am looking at buying a new car,mostly crusier rear wheel driving such as the the buick regal, caddilac seville, chevy caprice, and lincoln town car. Out of those any suggestions for a smooth transistion??

You need to give people more info such as how much you want to spend, where you live, what kind of driving you do, etc to get a good answer.

Chevrolet doesn’t make Caprices anymore (stopped in 1996), all of Buick’s lineup is front wheel drive, and Cadillac doesn’t make the Seville anymore (it’s some weird combination of letters.) The only new car in your short list that you can actually buy is the Lincoln Town Car, and a new one will cost north of $50,000. Go for a Ford Crown Victoria instead (retails for around $26,000.) Also, if you want new RWD cars, look at a Chrysler 300, or Dodge Magnum or Charger.

If you have the money to buy a new Town Car, you can also afford to buy a BMW 3 or maybe even 5 series, or a number of Lexus or Mercedes models, not to mention Jaguars.

However, one question is lingering? How the hell did you get from driving a FWD 04 Honda Civic to wanting a new RWD full size sedan?

What is wrong with the '04 Civic? That is pretty new in my book and should get decent gas mileage. How about an older Crown Victoria?

Keep the Civic…

You can get a brand new Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis for less than 20K. The Town Car is essentially the same thing with lots of added doo-dads and is 6" longer in the back seat. They are all very reliable and inexpensive to fix if something does break.

Why do you want rear wheel drive? Front wheel drive is just fine, unless you’re racing. And those cars are definitely not racers. Unless you get a Cadillac STS-V.