Finding Good Servicing Deals

Hey all. I went to Midas back in January to get a quote on servicing 2008 Chevy Impala. They took a look at my car and said that, beyond replacing the front tires which have almost no tread, I need to fix the front end (outer tie rod ends) and I need an alignment. All in all its going to run me about 660 (including labor costs). Any advice on “shopping around” to find a cheaper deal somewhere? Thanks.

Check Mechanics Files link above for a good alignment and suspension shop in your area. With the tires worn like they are, I’m sure Midas is correct. A second opinion and price never hurts.

My best advice is to stay away from Midas and any other “chain” shop for servicing. They rarely have mechanics employed there. Find a good independent mechanic and have the job done right as well as saving money in the process. Most others here will agree with my comment.