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2007 Impala

I have a 2007 Impala with 51500 miles on it. When I take a turn (either left or Right) the front end feels like it is vibrating. Of course it is out of warranty and want to have an idea of what it maybe before I bring it to the mechanic.

Looks like the mechanic should be the first opinion that will matter. He’ll be the one looking at the car parts.

Could be a number of things. Tire pressure, alignment, ball joints, rocker arm etc. Take it to a mechanic if you know nothing about these things.

The car has the new TPM “crap” on it. The light is always coming on to service the TPM. It seems to have become worse after an Alignment. Could they have bent something?

Its not likely the alignment messed with your TPMS system. The sensors are in the tires themselves. If they moved your tires from 1 point to another and didn’t reset the system that will cause the light to come on. Another reason for the light is just a complete failure of 1 of the sensors. They are supposed to last about 100k but I have seen them fail as soon as 35k. The only real way to tell is have a dealer that knows what they are doing with this system check it out. Not all dealers have a lot of experience with this system.

One more quetsion. How important is it to get the recommended factory services (ie 50,000 service)? Does anyone know the approximate cost?

Those recommended mileage rated services are there to act as preventive maintenance as parts wear out with age as well as time.

Cost? Ask, they’ll tell you how much.

You’ll have to pay for fluids, filters and the like.

A word of CAUTION: Unless it can be physically proven to you something other than the normal 50K service is required, DO NOT ACCEPT.

Read your owners manual for all the recommended fluid changes, etc. BEFORE you take the vehicle in.

Some like to pad the bill with things like a transmission flush or a fuel injector cleaning or an engine flush, etc. These things are included in the DO NOT ACCEPT category.

If parts are needed, there will be extra costs for them as well as extra labor time.