Finding a replacement for noble 1988 Volvo 240

Suggestions are very welcome. My budget $3- $4000. I don’t know which model Honda and Toyota are best for that money. Which years? Or when mileage becomes prohibitive? I would dearly love another turbo-less Volvo. Are there other makers I should be considering? Also, is $2500 for that now totaled Volvo (110,000miles and in perfect condition) a fair price for the insurance company to offer?

$2500 looks about right for your Volvo, based on Ebay auction results. As for a replacement, look for an Accord or Camry with less than 100k miles, but you’ll have trouble finding something good for less than $4000.

I much appreciate your advice.

In that price range, you’re better off forgetting about brand and should be more concerned with the maintenance history of the vehicle.
Pay a mechanic for a used car inspection before you buy anything.

The problem is if I don’t ask about brand, I have no idea how to start looking for any cars. But I take your point about maintenance history. Thanks for talking a moment to respond.

Taurus or Crown Victoria are good cars to start with, and just about any Buick will give you the newest vehicle in that price range.