Finding a previously owned car of mine


i’m trying to find records of a 1969 austin healy sprite that i owned from about 1974 to 1976/7. the “VIN” i have is an old one so there are less than 17 numbers (HANU974092G) Any ideas how to go about this? (it WAS registered in the state of Pennsylvania)


I would start with the Austin Healy owners club – see if they have a web site.


DIDN’T even know there was such a thing. Thanks!


Let go. :slight_smile: just kidding, good advice, I’ve had luck doing the same on other items (sailboats)…ie, web sites that specialize in my long “lost” item.


For a few Pesos more…There are companies, for a price, that will do a nation-wide VIN search. I don’t know how legit they are…But be warned, a VIN can just disappear if the car was scrapped years ago…Junkyards are not known for their meticulous bookkeeping…