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Filling the Gas Tank

When filling my daugthers 2001 Accent you have to fill it slow or the pump will shut off. This started one day after she filled the tank. Someone said to check the charcoal canister for blockage but checked it and its fine.

Has anyone been in the habit of topping off the tank when filling it? [adding more fuel after it turns off the pump the first time]

How was the filter checked?

You never could top this tank. Whenever the pump would shut off if you tried to top this tank it would over flow onto the ground. It was like this tank has a float valve in the tank that plugged the fill pipe.
The charcoal filter was checked by blowing air through it.

I am much more suspicious of any “flapper” or “ball” device in the filler neck that is sticking or a defect in the filler neck it self. This happens to other cars and is related to the ethanol in the fuel causing the plastic to swell.

I checked for TSB’s regarding this problem and none are present for 2001 but I was suspicious so I went back a few years and BINGO TSB 99-30-022 applicable to all 1999 and later (as in 2001) Hyundai have a potential problem in the ORVR (ON-Board Refueling Recovery system.It is a vapor path restriction on the way to the charcol canister and it can occur because hoses have collapsed internally or are kinked.

You need to bring this TSB to a mechanics attention as the diagnosis is not easily done by a DIYer.

I see you say “charcol canister was checked for blockage” but was the vapor path from the tank to the charcol canister checked for blockage or restriction?