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Fiesta 1.4 tdci - injectors leak off test


I have Fiesta 1.4 tdci 2002
From a while I am trying to figure it out how to perform this test by myself, it seems easy but I have trouble attaching the pipes because as you see on the image below, the return pipe is “down there”, I’ve seen Fiesta with the newer engine where the pipes are easy to attach. But here… I don’t know how to reach them without taking off the inlet manifold cover… because without the cover I can’t run the car…

Does someone know the way around this?

here is the image:

Do you have symptoms of an injector leak? I found examples on youtube.
I know little about servicing diesels, but it might make more sense to just replace the suspect injector(s).

Yes, I have symptoms for “not good” injector. On acceleration sometimes I’ve got something like knocking and shaking from the engine. I think it is from the injectors. So I want to do this test to find which one from the injectors is faulty.

If one has failed the others might not be far behind.
Is it too much expense to change all four?

There may be some testing tool or gadget you need. When I have a question like this and the folks here don’t know, I’ll stop by the dealership at a time when they are not busy, like Monday or Tuesday at 10 AM. The mechanics there – providing they are not busy doing a rush job – at least one will usually willing to spend a few minutes with me, and they’ll consistently offer up some good advice. They do this all the time at the dealership shop, so they probably already know the answer you seek. You just need to ask.

I’m clueless on these cars as I’ve never touched one, but have done a lot of VW diesel work. Based on the VWs anyway, a faulty injector can certainly cause a knocking sound much like a loud rod bearing knock.

A faulty injector can also ruin the tip of a glow plug and in many cases when one injector is failing the others are not that far behind.

Ok, thank you everyone, I am going to see mechanic and eventually change the injectors.