Fickle break light

After being pulled over and informed that my brake light wasn’t working I went to buy a new bulb at the parts store. When I checked the bulbs I found that all of them were fine. I was told there may be something wrong with the wiring, because when I would hit the breaks the break light would come on sometimes and wouldn’t other times. How do I go about chasing the wiring to find a break? Someone else said it may be a bad switch. I would like to save money and fix this myself if I can.

Thank you.

You didn’t state what kind of car you have. If there is a middle brake light and it doesn’t turn on either when the trouble happens then it could be the brake switch but there are other possibilities also. The brake light circuit can run though the flasher unit so that is a possible trouble area.

I have a 1993 Buick Century. Thank you for you comment, and I will try to get some help with this. If you have any more suggestions I would be very happy if you would pass them on to me.

If no brake lights work sometimes, and sometimes they all work correctly, it could easily be a problem at the switch - either a loose wire or a failing switch or a switch that is just falling out of the mounting bracket. The switch is under the dash, at the upper end of the brake pedal arm. If you look around up there, you should see it and just give things a wiggle to see if it changes how it is acting.

Thank you very much for your advice I will check the switch.

Thank you again.