Favorite car people on social media (including YouTube)?

Question: where else do you turn for car discussion and advice? Are specific people creating videos or other social media content that you like?

Lou Costabile and Jay Leno on you tube.

Youtube channels… Mighty Car Mods, The Skid Factory, Bad Obsession Motorsports, VinWiki, Tavarish, Hoovies Garage, Car Wizard, South Main Auto Repair, Jay Lenos Garage

Reddit… r/autorepair, r/CarTalk, r/Justrolledintotheshop, r/Mustang, r/formula1, r/MechanicAdvice, r/IdiotsInCars

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I’m not on social media but I go to YouTube. Rainman ray has good videos on repairs and has now set up his own shop. I like chickanic and Taryl for small engine stuff, and buckin billy for chain saws. My favorite shop teacher is mr. Pete who has over 300 videos on everything from machining to foundry. The shop teacher I never had. There are a few on body work and painting and the guy that moved to Utah was good on restoration if you could put up with the swearing. Sarah has good restoration videos and nice to look at. Windy hill foundry is a new one on one off foundry work plus a great guy. Hannah from ark was good on general prepping in the hills but haven’t seen anything lately. The dialect is a little hard for a northerner but these folks know how to make do and survive. Also easy to look at, especially fishing.

For carpentry, next level carpentry out of South Dakota is very good and one of his products is being produced by Greg porter (gregsgarage). It’s a device to remove the internal welds on square tube for telescoping (seams imposible). I just bought the set and works very good. If anyone is interested I’ll post a link. I tried everything before with limited success.

So I do a variety, not just cars, but the whole YouTube ai program means you have to look sometimes for what you want.

FordTechMakuloco - YouTube

South Main Auto Repair LLC - YouTube

I’ve get some pretty good advice over at Craigslist-discussion forums-auto sometimes. I used to listen to a auto-repair audio podcast out of Louisiana, but discontinued when host retired, no new episodes now.

I have seen so many different cars in the video (official and not only) on the YouTube. So it is a rather complicated question and needs clarification to get the correct response.

Scotty Kilmer my fav!

Tom Cotter - The “Barn Find Hunter” on the Hagerty channel on YouTube. We were friends in high school.