Faulty gas tank - cracks

20 posts and many requests and we still don’t have the most basic information about this car other than it’s Honda Civic Hybrid and the person who won’t answer claims it’s only 10 years old and blames the manufacturer and wants the car recalled, but won’t even state how many miles the owner has used the vehicle. And it had a generous warranty extension! The car is probably worth a couple hundred bucks at best.

Some people have even sided with the vehicle owner.
This makes me extremely skeptical. I think this is a scam post. I have no evidence to the contrary.

Mileage on vehicle?
CSA :palm_tree::sunglasses::palm_tree:

From post #5.

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Imagine that.

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Ooops! Did a troll just hitch a ride?
If you’re with Honda, you already have the VIN#.

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Yeah they did the same thing with my diesel. Extended the warranty to 100,000 miles but I already had 200,000 when the engine went. What did I do? Put an engine in for $2300 and went on with my life. I’ve always had one or two GMs since then.