Faulty EGR Pressure Sensor

1999 Ford Taurus 150+Miles. My EGR pressure sensor goes faulty about once a year. At $99 per year (this is the fourth year), I’d much rather find what could cause this. Where can I start looking?


I’ve never heard of an EGR pressure sensor failing repeatedly like this.

What is the mode of failure?
Is the sensor crudded up with carbon, affecting its ability to accurately monitor the pressures?
Does the output go to zero, as in a chronic electrical break?
Have you checked the wires going to it?

Are you burning oil?

Keep the bad one and try to find out exactly how it’s failing.

I have a '95 Mustang with a 3.8 in it and 170k miles with the same problem. In the last three years I have replaced the DPFE on it four times. I always get the P1401 error code ‘no flow detected’. It only has one wire that outputs to the PCM and appears ok. Any other ideas? The car seems to run ok other than the check engine light being on.

Have you followed the DTC chart for the EGR pressure sensor (DPFE)? You can get the chart from www.alldata.com. It’s available online for $25 year for your car. Some public libraries have a subscription to www.alldata.com, FREE to you. Ask a librarian.

No real sulution . The DPFE fails because it ingests water or vapor from somewhere. The moisture shorts the electrical portion of the sensor. No one’s really sure where the moisture comes from, that I’ve heard of yet.