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Fast Mustang

No word on how much it’s going to set this guy back. The Kilpatrick is an urban turnpike only and it’s amazing he managed to hit that speed in an urban setting.

He might get an all expenses paid vacation out of this gig. It may save him money even after the lawyer’s fees are subtracted.

This Mustang must have some serious power adders. 420 HP will NOT get these to 208. They are limited to 155 mph anyway.

I’d calculate it takes about 650-700 HP to get a Mustang top 208 mph. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Jail time is clearly justified here. Along with confiscation of the vehicle if the law allows. He’s endangered the lives of countless other motorist.

And he’s an idiot. It’s impossible to outrun the cops’ radios, and they greatly outnumber him and work together, “teaming up” to catch idiots like this. They’re trained and equipped to do this.

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I think it’s much more likely that the radar was miscalibrated than that Mustang went over 200 mph…

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I agree. It would have to be build for racing and not just the back yard upgrades. It is always possible but he would need some deep pockets to afford all the go fast goodies. It is also possible it is just a nitrous engine but they will not sustain a long continuous use unless the engine is heavily upgraded that will once again cost some big bucks.

Funny if that radar is out of calibration, he might get a slap on the wrist.

The 19 year old was first clocked at 85 in a 70 and supposedly was doing 176 MPH during the pursuit. I wonder about the 208 number also. He was a member of a racing club according to the story on a Tulsa,OK web site.

If the car is confiscated, we can buy it at auction!


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A fool and his money are soon parted… One way or another.

And I could be the second if I bought it at auction. :grinning:

I could see that Mustang hitting 200+. It’s also reported the Mustang was “heavily modified” and the guy is a member of a local race club.
Stock, they’re limited to about 150 something so with some work and a rear axle gear change I could see one of them busting 200 MPH.

A local guy into Ford performance (and with Ford backing) has had some of this Mustangs hit well over 250 MPH at the Bonneville Salt Flats while putting about 800+ horsepower to the rear wheels.
This same guy has a Crown Vic that blew the engine in 4th gear at about 160 MPH; and he still had 2 more gears to use in the manual transmission.

What surprises me is where he chose to do this; on a heavily traveled expressway in the metro area.

Bonneville would have been a much better choice.

The Shelby Mustang from around 2013 had 662 HP…I’ve never driven one and don’t know it’s top speed, but I’d bet with enough road it would go awful fast!

Getting a CAR to go that fast is nice in its own right .
BUT . . .
finding a . . ROAD ?
that will allow you to actually DO that ?

Once had my 78 Cordoba at 110 just to see how fast it would go.
But it was the I-40 ROAD surface that SOON slowed me back down !
I honestly believe that they ALLOW or even design in those rises and dips as a planned speed regulator.

Check out NM 371 from Thoreau NM to Farmington NM.
Often used as an alternate route 'tween Gallup and Farmington, that I used for weekend gigs, it goes through the Bisti Badlands / wilderness area which has had geological movement since the road was paved . . . and they leave it that way !

  • About each quarter mile there is a sharp rise. Driving along at about 70 you can hear the kids in the back yell ‘‘WHEEE’’ each time the truck goes zero G over the top of each one. I’ve seen faster cars catch air over some of those . This goes on for twenty miles or more to some degree . As you look ahead over the next five mile stretch you can clearly see the road surface waves ahead.

I think the Shelby Mustangs are limited to 158 MPH but that can be worked around…

What surprises me about this guy is not just that he did it on an urban section of turnpike but did it at night. It’s also reported that he had a switch configured to turn off the brake lights so this incident was not likely his first rodeo.

Court records also show he’s been tagged 3 or 4 times previously for excess speed so it will be interesting to see if the DPS finally yanks his license. My gut feeling is they won’t.