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Fan keeps running

I have a 2006 Subaru outback 2.5 xt. couple of months ago the fan was running almost constantly. I brought it to the dealer & they did something with the car?s computer. several days ago it started happening again, also the check engine light came on & the cruise control light is blinking. It seems to run OK but I have an appointment with the same dealer.

what might the problem be & give me a question to ask so I do not sound like a duffas.

Bill in Steamboat

Many auto part stores will read those codes for free. So if it is not under warranty, have the codes read and return here to tell us what they were. The should be a code in the format [P1234].

If it is under warranty, nothing you say other than the description of the problem is going to mean a thing with the dealer. They have a book and they must follow it when correcting warranty problems.

If it is not under warranty, then get the codes for us.

I assume the fan was running because the engine was running hot. The code may provide a clue to the trouble. The shop should be able to figure things out. You don’t really have to know what the trouble is though I realize it is nice to have a clue what is happening. You are paying them to figure out and fix the trouble.