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Fake calls?

Recently on a “Best of” show, a caller’s voice and speaking patterns sounded really familiar. I am certain that this guy was the same as “Dave From Bemidji”. I can’t find the episode now (it was within the last couple of weeks) but the call was something equally bizarre, about cats. The laugh was identical and he used one of the same expressions, too.

Did the guys sometimes set up fake calls? Both “Dave” and the cats call were so unusual, now that they seem to be the same guy, it has me suspicious about some of the odder ones. Set ups?

Did anybody else hear that cats call recently and think is sounded like Dave from Bemidji?

Ah, found it. “Ed from Honolulu”. The Plane Talk show, 11/4/17. Both started telling the story and said, “What they did…” and other things were the same. I’m positive it’s the same guy.

They were so long ago what does it matter anyway ?

Does anything discussed on this board “matter”? I’m curious.

What would you do if you had a weekly radio program and nobody called or the callers were lame? Probably stage a few just to spice things up.

Seems like a lot of stuff matters here like car design, roads, brakes, ignition, oil; rust, maintenance, just to name a few. I suspect though that a lot of the callers weren’t really car people.

Well, here’s Dave, and it sounds “real” to me. I don’t recall such an obvious Minnesota accent from a guy from Honolulu (but I don’t recall lots of things).


Yes. A great many people have been, and continue to be, helped by this forum. I cannot imagine anything that matters more.


America is a great country, and a country with a lot of people with weird opinions … lol … so I doubt there’s a need to stage a fake weirdo call. Just pick up the phone and you’ve got another one ready to go. I noted a similarity between callers voices and personalities once or twice over the years too.