Fair labor

I was recently quoted $1500 to change spark plugs, cables, and coil on my '97 van. Thinking that rather high, I did it myself for around $200 parts plus 2 hours of my time. So is $650 an hour considered a fair labor rate? How do I get into this business? It sure beats being an engineer, and I get to work with my hands again. Please, where do I sign up??

Seriously, is this “normal?” My regular mechanic wouldn’t touch this job - he’s sick of working on my van and told me to take it to a dealer. Does every van owner get this treatment, or am I special?

The reason your quote was high is simple,the mechanic didn’t want to work on it.
Full size vans are not pleasant to work on.
Your “regular mechanic” has enough work,he doesn’t need the work.
You obviously have a talent that is going to waste.
I would be screaming bloody murder if my boss said 2hrs. labor for the job you described.

Lets, by doing it yourself, you earned $1300 in two hours. Better keep this quiet or the IRS might find out and you’ll have to pay income tax on it.

You’re completely off-base on your mathmatics here and they’re not charging you anywhere near 150 dollars an hour much less 650.
The real story behind this figure is not being presented correctly.