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Failing sensors

My Honda Civic has a few bad oil leaks. Last night I got code p0325 the code for the Knock Sensor. This morning my husband ran the codes got the same one as well as the oxygen sensor. We have ongoing problems with a vtech solenoid that we’ve never had diagnosed or replaced. The car has over 400k miles on it. It is no doubt past it’s prime but my main question could the oil leak be causing these sensors all located near or around the engine block to fail or malfunction? We are trying to decide whether or not to fix up the car anymore or cut our losses. Thank you in advanced if you read this whole post. :smiley:

How successful is success? Very good in this case. The car was a good one and should be retired now. Leaks won’t cause a knock sensor to stop working but lifters tapping or piston slap will set it off and show a code. Your fuel economy should be worse because the PCM will retard the ignition timing. In car talk terms “get rid of it before it gets rid of you.” That is not a joke. The thing that falls off the car might be vital.