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Failed inspection

I have a 95 chevy pu 4x4 350 tbi,failed emissions after new ox sensor.I think I need a new muffler but that passed.Strong exhaust smell,cat? maybe?Rev the engine a little loud but smooth until you take your foot off the gas. then almost konks out.Any ideas?? Thanks, Nutcase22

What about the exhaust pipes? Are any of them rusted through?

Are you saying you failed a emmisions standard test?

Use Throttle Body spray cleaner in the bore, on the throttle plate. Let it soak. Do it again.

Post the numbers on the slip of paper that says you failed the emissions test.

The instructions on my can of throttle cleaner warn not to let it soak, or even to spray it while the engine is off. nutcase22, make sure you read the directions carefully and follow them if you attempt this.