Factory rebuilt ford 5.4 triton engine

I’m looking at buying a 2006 ford xlt 150 that recently had a new factory rebuilt engine installed by an official ford dealer ship
Question: can these rebuilds be trusted. There is still a year or two warranty left on it.
I was warned to be especially good at doing oil changes every 3000 miles due to the overhead cam. The old engine failed because of a rod bearing at 135000 miles.

Yes, these engines can be trusted. Understand, however, that the peripheral components, the chassis, and the tranny all still have 135,000 miles on them, so you can expect the same occasional failures and normal wear that you would have had were the engine not replaced.

“Dealer ship”… I like that better than the conjoined version “dealership”. I sort of gives the mental image of a slave ship.


If you can’t trust a factory rebuilt engine, what other rebuilt engine can you trust?


I’d trust the engine, check out the rest, like TSMB said.

I will add a comment about whether or not a factory rebuild can be trusted by saying that it depends. That factory rebuild was quite likely not done by FOMOCO but was done by an outside vendor operating under Ford guidelines.

As to who builds the engines at the current time I cannot say but for many decades a lot of Ford remanufactured parts was done by a massive outfit in OK City that provided everything from remanufactured water pumps to long block engines for Ford dealers nationwide.
This huge operation was, or maybe still is, under contract to provide GM branded reman engines and transmissions to GM dealers nationwide.

The company still exists but not in the same form. The corporate structure and changes involving buying and selling other subsidiaries including in Mexico is pretty convoluted.

I knew several guys who worked at this place. They were paid per hour assembly line workers with almost no mechanical skills. This is not meant to denigrate either guy as both are great guys to know but the reman process really goes no further than not attempting to stick a square peg into a round hole.

Odds are the engine is fine and will remain so. My point is that being a FOMOCO reman does not mean quality is a given.

There’s no way to tell over the internet of course, but in general, yes, it is probably a properly rebuilt engine. Remember though that the original engine wasn’t even a rebuilt one. It was a brand new engine, and only lasted 135 K.

I would rather have that engine than an original one with all the age behind it. No car can be trusted to be anything other than old if it is old. Don’t pay extra money for it. Just pay what it would be worth with a running engine.

Yes - I’d trust it.

Thanks everybody.
For the record, I passed on the rebuild. As several noted, the truck still has 135K on it.
I bought a 2013 F150 with 27K. I decided the best years of a truck are the first 150K and Im tired of fixing “small” stuff etc.