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Auto incentives

I recently purchased a new truck that had a 2500. incentive on it. I did the paperwork on a Saturday,which was dated for the following monday. The very next day {Tuesday} GM added another 2500. incentive.

I did not receive it,and Ive questioned the dealer. They say theyre trying to find out something from GM.

I coudnt take delivery of the truck until the wednesday after signing the papers, because the truck was brought from another dealer and wasnt ready until then.

I think they should give me a check as I didnt take delivery until after the new rebate was announced.

What do you think?

I think you are going to wait and see, with two dealers involved, the wait is likely to be longer than it would otherwise. 

As far as what you deserve, I say you deserve, both legally and morally, what you agreed to.  If you get more, rejoice and thank the dealer.  If you don't, then don't worry about it, you did not miss out on anything that was ever yours.

Well so far Ive only gotten the "it was before the rebate was issued line"
I know I wasnt expecting it, but I thought out of the goodness of GM’s heart…naw thats too good to be true.
I know the dealer has no reason to hide incentives,but I sure felt like I left a lot of dough on the table. Guess Ill have to pay closer attention next time.

You are only entitled to the rebate that was in effect when you signed the purchase agreement. Not what was in effect when you took delivery.

Kudos for trying.