Factory Car out of alignment?

I brought a 2008 Mercury Milan this week, and it pulls to the right. How is it possible for a car from the factory to be out of alignment?

No factory is perfect. That’s what the warranty is for.

Congrats on your new ride.

Check the air pressure in the tires.

How many miles were on the car when you picked it up? It is possible that misalignment is due to hitting a big bump during a test drive. Take it back immediately and see if the alignment is OK. The longer you delay, the less likely they are to believe that you bought it that way.

Yea,I get to waste more of my time at the dealer! I’ll also check the tires, but if they are that low that it causes the pulling, then that means there may be something wrong with the tire pressure monitoring system.

Agreed, check the tire pressure first. The vehicle may be an '08 but it was probably built last summer of fall, which means it has been months since the tire pressure has been checked.

Could have been either not done correctly at the factory or in transit. They truck them in and tie them down. I’ve never had the front off but I had the rear off on a new Buick. Hard to tell from driving but wore the tire out in less than 30K. Off from day one.

If the guy who jockeyed the car onto the transporter or the one who jockeyed it off of the transporter rammed a tire into a curb, the alignment could certainly be “off”. Your warranty covers adjustments like this, but only for a few thousand miles, so don’t delay in getting it back to the dealership.

Checked the cold tire pressure this morning. The tires were all 4 psi low. I added 4 psi and there was still a pull. I called the dealer and they will fix it.

Don’t rely on those monitoring systems as a accurate indication. Besides tire preassure doesn’t have to be that low to cause it to pull…Also one side could have too MUCH preasue and that will cause it to pull and NOT alert the monitoring system. Check the tire preasure on ALL 4 tires. If they’re within 2lbs of each other then I’d say it needs a alignment.

There was an alignment problem. The dealer took me the same day and gave me priority service.

Most pulling is caused by a camber or caster problem. It’s always possible that an alignment fault slipped through the cracks. It’s also possible something could have been knocked out of whack when unloading it off the transport truck.
Sometimes those transport guys can get in a hurry and really come sailing down those ramps.

I used to work at a dealer that was adjacent to a large Chevy dealer. One day they had the police out there directing traffic after the transport driver came zinging down the ramp in a new Monte Carlo and ran off the side of the ramp. The driver was not hurt too bad but the car was written off due to the entire right side being crushed.