F350 2000

Periodically will not start. Lights, Dash lights, interior lights all work. Batteries completely charged up. Turn key to light up glow plug - working, when indicated turn key fully, NOTHING. No click. Nothing. Two separate mechanic shops have tried to diagnose to no avail. Happens periodically and no indication prior to this happening. Happens in all types of weather and temps. PLEASE HELP. I do not want to throw good money at replacing part after part only to find out the parts are good, such as a starter, etc. Any advice will be appreciated. This has been going on for about a year.

Did shop check for voltage at starter relay during crank?

Does this truck have an automatic transmission? If it does…shift to neutral when it fails to start. If it starts…replace the neutral safety switch.

I find it very hard to believe that 2 shops would charge you money and simply return the truck to you without fixing or at least diagnosing the problem. A truck that will not start, not turn over, should be very easy to figure out if the shop has it, with some test equipment hooked up, while the problem is happening.

Can you tell us what they told you?

I would check the ground connection from the battery, probably goes to the engine block.