F150 whinning noise

My 2005 F150 4x4 makes a whinning noise in cold weather. If doesn’t matter if radio,fan,or lights are on or off. the whine lasts a few seconds and sporadically repeats. It will stop if I increase or decrease RPM.No noise at all in warm weather. Help.

Last Time You Asked This Question, I Gave This Nice Detailed Response, But I Guess The Hogs Ate It. It Never Made It Through Cyberspace.

Anyhow, Some 2005 (04s and early 05s, built prior to Oct/04) F150s with a 4.6L or 5.4L engine have a problem with noise at cold engine starts. The noise quiets as the engine cooling fan clutch warms up.

On some of these the noise comes from the engine cooling fan clutch. The fix is a new cooling fan clutch (revised part ? ).

Does this sound like a possibility ?

Look for a Date of Manufacture sticker on the truck (Door, Door jam ?)
Which engine do you have ?

You may have to let this vehicle cold soak near a Ford technician so they can hear it in action.


P.S. There exists a Ford Technical Service Bulletin outlining this problem/solution.