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F-250 Vacuum

I have a 1997 F250 5.8L 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup. I need to replace the plastic vacuum canister located on passenger side fender but don’t know what the part is called. I had to remove it to get to heater repair and managed to “injure” it when removing.


“Vacuum Accumulator” Your best bet is a salvage yard…They all work the same, no moving parts, so anything that will fit will work…

That part is called the vacuum reservior. It’s part of the vent system that holds a reserve of vacuum so when the engine vacuum drops off from accelerating, the vacuum operated doors in the vent system don’t change their positions.


This reservoir

will replace the original Ford can. It is less than $15 at many McParts stores.

@RodKnox that reservoir looks like it’s for a GM vehicle.
Are you sure it’s big enough for that Ford truck?
I like the $15 price, though.

Many Fords are equipped with a reservoir similar in appearance and size to the Dorman part. As for size, when is a man rich enough or a car powerful enough, etc. That canister is apparently capable of operating the heater and evap systems on Ford gasoline engine vehicles with no problem. It is plastic, however, and some ford reservoirs are located near the exhaust manifold and a plastic replacement would need to be moved to a cooler location. I have replaced the rusted out #10 cans on Ford E and F models with the plastic ‘soft ball’ and never had a problem.

Hello Rod,

Thanks for the reply. It is a hard rubber or plastic canister not metal. The link you provided in your next comment was almost like mine. The one I need to replace is larger and has three feet/brackets where the bolts go through. The nuts are accessible via the fender above the tire.


Thanks for the comments…Caddyman, Rod, Tester and db4690. I appreciate your help!!!