F-150 acting up

1997 F-150 190K miles recently started stuttering and occasional backfire. feels like it’s trying to shift but can’t. I feel like I need to stomp the gas. I’m thinking plugs, wires, or coils…any ideas?

Yes, plugs, wires, coils could be involved. That’s spark. Then you have potential fuel issues. Then there’s air (both incoming & outgoing). Then there’s compression.

Is there a check engine light? If so, have the error codes read (free at many auto parts stores) and report the exact and specific codes - format: “P1234”

How is it at idle? Under what conditions do you get the stuttering?

And how about you say something about what you have done to figure it out and what you know about the basic state of maintenance. E.g. how old are those plugs? When’s the last time it got a fuel filter? etc.

Check the fuel pressure.

Friend of mine has a 2006 f-150. He was having trouble with it stalling and he would have to mash the gas to keep it running. It would run rough like it needed plugs or wires. Found out there is control module can’t remember the name but its in the rear of the truck on the frame by the spare tire. Do to location it had rotted and was malfunctioning. Called Ford dealer and they said this is a common problem and the part was on back order. This is a dealer part.