Exterra seat belt problem

Hi, I have a 2002 Xterra and my wife and I have used it a lot for camping trips. It’s usually the only time my wife ever travels in my Xterra and very time she does she has a problem sitting in the front passenger seat where the seatbelt “locks” (as if my foot is on the brake) and she can’t get it to unlock/loosen. This drives her crazy when we are driving for hours and hours. We have a 5,000 mile 25th anniversary trip to the CA coast planned for September and I need to try to fix this problem before the trip or it will be a much less enjoyable vacation for both of us. I will say (and if anyone tells her I said this I will cause great bodily harm) but she is a large, overweight person. I don’t know if that might be part of what so causing the problem or not. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

If you pull out the passenger seat belts all the way or near all the way they will lock like that, they do this for the purpose of installing a car seat for a child. It sounds like this is whats happening, if she takes it off and retracts it all the way it should reset. It sounds like normal operation to me, now there is a solution…

I think most/all manufacturers offer a seatbelt extender, sort of an extension cord for your seat belt, I would call the dealer, I almost thought gm gave these out for free. If she uses one the seatbelt wont pull out as far and it shouldn’t lock up. I know for a fact that GM has these available, I would imagine nissan does too.

Have a great trip!

Here are some for the xterra, they don’t list a 2002, but maybe this would work? im sure there is one out there.


Thanks WhereRick, we’ll try some test driving and see if we can figure it out.