Front Seat belt locks up

The front passenger seat belt locks up, pinning the wife to the seat in a most uncomfortable manner. The inertia lock, locks, and can’t be moved. This annoys the wife and that, of course, is not a good thing. Honda has checked it, twice, and says there is nothing wrong with it. I did a little investigation and determined there is some kind of a “thing-a-ma-jig” in the front passenger seat belt system that allows the belt to be used with a baby seat, disabling the inertia lock and locking up the belt. That apparently is “kicking in” when it’s not needed or wanted. The only time it doesn’t “kick in”, is when it’s being checked at the dealer. Can this baby seat system be removed? It’s really annoying to both the passenger and the driver :slight_smile:

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2009 Honda Fit Sport

My 2010 Ford Fusion does the same thing!! So annoying and a SAFETY HAZARD bc I have to take the seatbelt off n retract all the way then pull it out and hold it away from me so I can BREATHE!! HOW DID YOU CORRECT THIS PROBLEM?? Thank you!!

I believe this function occurs when you pull the belt all the way out, then let it retract to the length you need for the child seat. Letting tit retract all the way restores normal operation. So I think the key iss to avoid pulling the belt all the way out.

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