Extended Warranty

Hi there!
Is there anyway I can claim credit on an extended warranty for a car that was totalled 2 years back? I only recently realized I can do this. I lost the car in Nov 2009 @ 32 K mileage. It was purchased brand new from the dealership who also provided me with the extended warranty. The dealership is saying they cannot do anything to help me at this point, as I am well past the 60 day window to try and claim a reimbursment. Is this true or is there something I can do?


Credit on a wreck…that was totaled???

You had an extended warranty for mechanical failures…NOT for accidents.

I’m confused to what you’re trying to do.

For future reference…NEVER EVER buy an extended warranty. All they are is a very very very expensive and very very very high profit insurance policy.

I was told that since the car was totalled, the extended warranty was rendered useless and therefore I could claim whatever was left on the life of the warranty? Yes? No? To add the car was paid off in full by the insurance company.

I understand what you’re wanting to do, but I think you’re late (2 years - 60 days). Just another reason not to buy them.

OH see what you’re saying.

Sorry…but as far as I know… you’re out of luck. Especially since it was 2 years ago.

What do the documents that you signed say? Surely the terms of any such provision would be covered there.

Assuming that the original contract had a provision for “cashing out” the policy under these circumstances
(and I doubt that this provision actually exists), the OP’s 2-year delay would quickly sink his claim.
Why do I say this? Because of the legal principle known as Laches.

Essentially, this means that you have to pursue your legal options in a timely manner–or to use some slang terminology, “you snooze–you lose”.

For a more complete explanation of the legal principle of Laches, take a look at:

You’re dead in the water on this issue and the dealer’s hands are tied. The 60 day time frame would be the policy of the insurer, not the dealer.

Not to mention, if the warranty was covered by a 3rd party, if the warranty company even exists anymore