Car Warranty

I bought a Honda CR-V in October with an extended warranty. I cancelled the warranty the next day. They told me it would take several weeks for the “paperwork” to go through and I would get a credit at the end of my loan. I complained to the GM because of the way the cancellation was handled. (They had me sign a wrinkled piece of paper with no info on it and when I called the warranty company 2 weeks later they never heard of me). Two months later, the dealership made a payment directly to my loan for the full cost of the warranty and the auto salesman was fired. What could have happened? I’m curious.

IMPOSSIBLE to tell. And I seriously doubt you’re hearing the whole story.

You need to ask the dealership for an explanation. And unless you know for sure, the salesman’s termination may not be directly related to your issues.

you got your money back…no need to ask anymore questions…at least the dealership made good on your warranty cancellation.

I would guess the salesman was trying to save his commission. Half of what you pay for that insurance goes back to the dealer and the salesman.

Joseph may be right. And if he is, that’s probably not the only dishonest thing the guy was doing.

Kudos to the dealerhip.

And never, ever, ever sign a “piece of wrinkled paper with no info on it”. Every business transaction of any kind should be clear, in writing, dated, and you should immediately get a copy.

Sales people are under a lot of pressure to sell these things by dealerships. It’s profit for both. It’s good that the dealership seemed to value your patronage more than this contract. I think it’s too much to ask though, the extent it played in the salespersons being fired. This situation may be ancillary and he just made bad coffee.