Extended warranty on used 2020 Honda CRV

These days, your car is more computer than machine and the biggest danger is to the failure of the electronics. The electronics are modular replacement rather than component and the only source is the expensive OEM, and I would not be surprised if they say NLA. Make sure the extended warranty covers the electronics and the NLA situation.

We bought a new Odyssey EX-L in 2019. The last step was to meet with the finance manager. He tried to sell us the extended warranty saying that every manufacturer’s electronics was notoriously unreliable. My response was why should I buy their van if the electronics is junk? He stopped pestering us immediately. Haven’t had a problem, btw.


The electronics is not junk, but there will be failures. The problem is that the major electronics is specific to the brand, model, and year and is controlled by firmware and software, practically impossible to decipher and duplicate. No one can afford to stock spares that may never be needed and when the manufacturers spares are gone you are reduced to searching scrapyards for the modules and assemblies. My experience with the scrapyard stuff is that it frequently has some sort of problem as they have no way of testing them. Hopefully most failures will be early, on the manufacturers warranty.