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Do I need an extended warranty for a 2020 SUV?

I am going to purchase a 2020 suv and was wondering if I need to get the extended warranty?

Most people on this site will say No you do not need one . The Honda will have 3 year or 36000 mile warranty anyway . Most extended warranties have loop holes big enough to drive a semi truck through.


You NEED to get the extended warranty only if you WANT to pay your Honda dealers boat payments for the next 3 months.

Don’t bother. Save the money you’d spend now for repairs after the warranty expires.


Most Mfgs will allow you to purchase the extended warranty up until the first tier of the warranty expires, so typically you have at least 3 years to worry about it. Here is an article on the subject, but whenever anyone asks me this now I say “Buy a Hyundai/Kia/Genesis.” Each comes with a warranty that lasts about as long as the extensions on other brands will last you. VW also has a surprisingly long warranty.

If it is not a factory warranty administered by the manufacturer, then I would say no. Emphatically NO. Third party warranties are just profit for the dealer and the salesman and are of almost no benefit to the customer.


If you are planning to buy an extended warranty that is underwritten by the vehicle manufacturer itself, that can be a good investment. Unfortunately, many dealers try to sell “extended warranties” backed by a third-party insurance company, which are worse than worthless. These third-party plans are nothing but profit for the dealer, and when the time comes to actually use the plan, good luck getting them to pay for anything.

Different opinion, depends on the time miles and things covered. We put on 10k a year and to get a 70k 7 year giving our car when we had to do loans was cheap insurance to make sure we had no major bills while we were paying off the loan. Sure I almost broke even on one but with the expenses of repairs I would consider it. Thinking of purchasing our Rav4 after lease and will cover us up to 7 years 70k for $1400. It is an insurance policy, optional for sure, sure I am wasting my money, like my umbrella policy, homeowners insurance and boat insurance I have never made a dime on, but it helps me sleep well at night.

It a crap shoot . Obviously you dont need one in the first 3 years or whatever your bumper to bumper is . On extended warranties from the maker they are from the day you took delivery up to whatever the mileage time limits you bought is . Also the price goes up in about 12000 mile intervals so it will cost more after 12000 or so miles as opposed to new . Is it a good investment . That depends on if anything goes go wrong. There are so many computers now it is more of a gamble than it used to be . If something like these wonderful infotainment systems that control everything from radio to the climate controls craps then you are looking at a $1000 plus just to replace that . Usually the engine and tranny are the least of your worries these days if you do the maintenance . I just bought a extended warranty for my new 2020 Durango just because concerns over most of the computers. Also I saw where some owners were having an issue with water getting into the rear racetrack lighting setup and shorting it out and to just replace the rear lighting was like $1300 . I bought a Chrysler maxcare factory warranty for 7 years and 100000 miles with $100 deductible for $1750 . It like life insurance just to have peace of mind for the next 7 years on something that cost $35000 . You are hoping you never need it but it is good to know its there . Most of us arent mechanics so you have to trust the dealer unfortunetly . Find a dealer you trust , yes there are a few out there . Stick with manufacturer factory warranties only .

The only extended warranty I bought was with my 89 Ford Tempo.It was money well spent because this car had tons of problems after the initial manufacturer warranty expired. I never bought another Ford product after that.

Depends on the SUV. For something like a 4 Runner or Highlander I would say no. For something like a Range Rover or Jaguar E-Pace. I would definitely consider it.

Is listing the vehicle(s) you’re considering buying too much to ask?

I am looking at the Honda CR-V hybrid or the Subura Forrester.

Any reason the new RAV4 hybrid isn’t on your list? Honda’s hybrids have a troubled history.

If you are getting a hybrid you have to remember you have two different drivetrains you could have issues with , the ICE part and the electrical part of the hybrid drive adding to the complexity so it is probably a good idea on hybrids .

I’d pass on a warranty for a Toyota hybrid, they’ve been very reliable. Of course, I’d pass on all extra warranties, you’ll be very likely to be $$ ahead by putting the cost into a ‘repair’ savings account.