Expensive tune up

I have a 2007 chevy aveo due for a 60k tune up. The dealer wanted $140 for spark plugs and wires. Is there any unusual issue that would inspire me to pay that much when I can get parts much cheaper at the local parts store, or is changing plugs and wires as simple as I would expect? Thanks for input.

What Does Your Owner’s Manual/Maintenance Schedule Say About The Timing Belt Change Interval?

I looked up Aveo and all I could find was a 2004 with a 60,000 mile interval. Other information says that Aveos have an “interference engine”.

If you haven’t had the timing belt changed and it’s due, this is more important than a tune-up. Severe engine damage could result if it is indeed an “interference” design and it’s time is up for a new one.

I would think plugs are a DIY job.


Open the hood, remove any plastic trim covers, and take a look! Can you see all the spark plugs? With a little care, the wires should be fine, unless you damage them when you remove them from the plugs. Proper techniques usually will avoid damage to the wires…

Actually for most dealers, $140 for new plugs and wires is pretty cheap. Of course you can do it yourself for much less, but we here stories of $400 spark plug replacement jobs here.

The plugs should be on the side of the engine facing the radiator. If not, have someone else do it. If so, buy some anti-seize compound and coat the threads of the new spark plugs with it before you screw them in. Changing plugs on the “front” side of the engine is easy.