Chevy Aveo Timing Belt



I just purchased a 2004 Chevy Aveo with 70,000 miles on it and, from a Google search, it sounds like I should replace the timing belt.

In the mornings, the car has trouble starting (as well as if I let it sit for a few hours) and, sometimes, it sort of “shakes” when stopped at red lights. Does this sound like a timing belt issue?

Also, how urgent is it to get the timing belt replaced. It’s Monday right now, but I don’t get paid until Friday. Can it wait that long? How much should I expect to pay, assuming a very good and honest mechanic?


You apparently have a “interference” engine. That means if your timing belt breaks it is very likely going to do some serious very expensive damage.

Check your owner’s manual. It should tell you when the timing belt needs to be replaced. I should give you something like 80,000 miles or 7 years. That means which ever comes first.

How urgent it is depends on what the owner’s manual says. If in doubt, I would have it changed.


Thanks. A search online says it needs to be changed ever 60,000 miles. I bought it used, but I’m going to assume it hasn’t been changed yet.

From the symptoms I have mentioned, does it sound like a timing belt problem? How bad would it be to wait a few days to get this fixed?


The engine problems aren’t caused by the timing belt.
For your engine problems, Search this site. Use the keywords: “engine shakes”, “runs bad”, “rough start”, “runs rough”. You’ll get a lot of previous postings about this subject.
To begin repairs, change the spark plugs.
The real manufacturer’s recommended timing belt change interval, for your car, will be listed in the Owner’s Handbook and the repair manual. The 60,000 mile figure is for the instances when the mileage / time change interval recommendations aren’t available in the Owner’s Handbook, or the repair manual. The recommended interval for your car is likely 100,000 miles.


I’ll run a search on the engine problems, thank you.

About the timing belt, according to the Owner’s Manual it recommends changing the timing belt every 60,000 miles ( page 283).

How expensive is this, with a trustworthy mechanic? Also, given the problems I’ve listed, how urgent is it that I take my car to get looked at? I’ll admit, I have a bit of an anxiety disorder so I want to get it looked at ASAP… but my work/financial situation don’t permit that.

I just bought this car and it’s already turning into a money pit (mind you, I bought it from a dealership). I don’t recommend the Chevy Aveo to anyone!


You purchased the car from a Chevy dealership? If so, they shouldn’t sell one of their own brand of cars that requires a timing belt at 60K miles without changing the belt if the car had 60K or more miles on the odometer.

Go back to the dealer and ask them if the timing belt was changed when the car was prepped and serviced prior to them selling it to you. If they say no, ask them why wasn’t it done? They sold you the car with a known defect, being a timing belt beyond its service life. Not a good business practice.

Perhaps you can guilt them into doing the job if you pay for the parts and they do the labor for free.


The interval on these older Aveos is 60k for the timing belt change.
And, unfortunately, these engines were so badly engineered that they are known for snapping the belt prior to 60k.

This is not something that should be deferred on any car, but on a vehicle with the track record of the Aveo, it is really vital to have the timing belt replaced a.s.a.p.


The situation has gotten worse. I was going to take it to my mechanic at lunch to get it looked at, but this morning I went to the car and it wouldn’t turn on, at all. The battery, I think, is dead, as nothing is working at all (not even the power locks).

Could this at all be related to the timing belt? This car has turned out to be such a lemon. I bought it 18 days ago and this is the second time it needs to go into the shop (the first was because the break pads needed replacing… and they cut me a “deal” and only charged me $100). Really upset and any help is appreciated.