Expedition capacity?

13 people died when Ford Expedition carrying 25 passengers was hit by gravel truck in Cali recently. How in the heck do you get 25 adults in an expedition?

Imperial County, Calif.: At Least 15 People Dead In Vehicle Crash : NPR.

Vaseline maybe?

How many people fit in a VW Beetle? A phone booth?
It’s like a giant clown car…

At one of the ports on our cruise around the Hawaiian Islands in 1990 the rental car company sent a 7 seat Ford Aerostar to meet the ship. Sitting on others laps I think we had 13 including the driver for the short trip to the rental lot.

Late 80’s we were coming back from the water park we had a 50mi drive with 12 of us total in a Nissan Hardbody pickup extended cab with a canopy with 8 of us in the bed (4 on each side with a lap belt running along the side of the bed from front to back) Only way to get the whole group home.

The world record is 20 for cramming people into a VW Bug.

Most people crammed into an ‘old’ VW Beetle | Guinness World Records

In college we only had twelve of us in a late 60s Lincoln Continental for a run to the best place in town for fresh donuts and hot chocolate.

Braking performance drops with 25 passengers. Ah, that darn stop sign.

We had about 12 in and on a MG-B. Several of us fell off the rear fenders when the driver started moving, though.

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Here, I have never turned on any heat in the condo, except to test it, but when I was in the north (cold) region during winter, people often spoke of cord wood.

A cord of wood is a determined amount of wood measured “when ‘racked and well stowed’ - (arranged so pieces are aligned, parallel, touching and compact).”

Those humans were racked and well stowed. I heard speculation that it could have been human trafficking.

Open borders, anybody? Fore!
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Authorities launch human trafficking investigation after California crash that left 13 dead | Entertainment News (entertainment–news.com)

“The cause of the collision was undetermined, authorities said. It also was unknown why so many people were crammed into a vehicle built to hold eight people safely. But smugglers have been known to pack people into vehicles in extremely unsafe conditions to maximize their profits.”

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We had 25 people over for Xmas one year. Thermostat hit 80f by end of night. In MN. Wonder if expedition was warm?

Short answer, according to one news report, the second and third row seats were removed.

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Yes, as @keith has mentioned, the 2nd and third row seats were removed. Not that hard to fit 27 in a car that large. When I was a kid, they would make us ride on the bed of a truck, standing. You can fit a lot of people there.

If they lay you in there like cordwood, doesn’t the bottom folks get crushed? Ignoring the impact from the semi? Or is it like eggs in a carton?

Same thing happened here in OK about 15 years ago except this involved a van with 23 people packed in; all illegals. It crashed and killed 3 if I remember the story correctly while injuring almost everyone else.
A tire had blown out was given as the cause so no surprise there. Likely an aged tire, probably underinflated, and definitely overloaded,

Here in NH we just have idiots (aka Drunk) standing up in the back of a pickup falling off while relieving themselves and then getting run over by their friends in the truck behind them…not one of the vehicles stopped either.