Exhaust Valve Seat

What’s involved in fixing an exhaust valve seat in a 4.6L 32 valve V-8? Can it be repaired or does it require replacing the head, and what might be the repair cost

Refinishing the seats is part of any head rebuild. What’s wrong with the engine?

It can be easily repaired at an auto machine shop. There is no way of figuring the cost since we do not have any info on this problem or exactly who would be doing the work.

There is always the possibility the cylinder head could be ruined but the head needs to be removed and visually inspected.
If the engine has high miles then both heads should be pulled and a complete valve job done.

How definite is this valve seat problem? It’s unusual.

Much expert advice for the 4.6 L 2V says that it is less expensive to buy a low mileage used motor and drop it in than to rebuild due to the care required to pull and reinstall the heads. It can not be any better for the 4V heads. Since use 4V are way less plentiful than the 2V you may have no choice, but choose your shop carefully.