Exhaust stud

My Question is what is the repair amount to fix broken exhaust studs. I have a 1991 nissan maxima with 324,000 miles and will the job be a difficult job and expensive? I wanted to get your opinion on this repair. Thanks

3.95 each plus labor …part available from http://www.partstrain.com/store/?N=0&Nr=AND(make:Nissan,model:Maxima,year:1991,brand:OES+Genuine,part:Exhaust+Stud)&ptc=S1171391678W45d204bec356b&ptid=pt21156396854b3401ae32813&id=x6j794f5

Is the stud broken off at the head or the manifold? makes all the difference in the workd.

Since this is a V6 engine, the cost depends on which exhaust manifold studs require replacement.


The broken stud will need to be extracted and a new one put in it’s place. If there is enough sticking out, a pipe wrench can unscrew it out. If not, a drill-out extractor must be used. If the cylinder head is out, a machine shop can do this quickly and reasonably. If not, you can try it yourself. Sears has a good selection of extractors.

I beleive its the rear exhaust studs facing the engine firewall. There is two i beleive that is broken off at the thread where the bolt screws on.

Unless my boss bought all the materials required to do this job AND paid me 1.5 times what it took me to do the work (even if I was not sucessful) I would show him what the wheels on my tool box are for.

Dispatch it to Tester, he likes broken bolt jobs :).

Heeeeey! I’m always up for a challange. Here’s what I would do to remove the broken studs.

Remove the exhaust manifold. Then connect this to the battery http://www.ntxtools.com/network-tool-warehouse/OTC-3386.html. Then get the wirefeed welder set up. Grab some nuts that can slip over the broken studs and weld the nuts onto the studs. Let them cool off and turn out the broken studs using the nuts welded on.


Cool I never thought about welding the nuts to the studs to remove the broken studs. I heard that ez outs would have to be used to remove the studs as well. I gotten a few quotes from some shops around here and I got a price range from350.00 to 1,000.00. The range of 350 - 500 sounds reasonable but over 500 seems costly to me. Would the job be as costly as the prices I have been quoted?


The trouble is that you will be on the hook for every hour anybody trys any method,whether it works or not. Spend a hour or so welding the nuts, doesn’t work,you pay,spend hours with the easy outs,doesn’t work, you pay, you end up saying “I should have took the head off right at first”.

No one can predict and say absolutely “this method will work and the cost is XXX Dollars, you will pay no more” If they do say this and the dollar figure is reasonable, take them up on it.


One of the worst I have ever had to deal with was the watercooled VW Bus engines. The head retention studs would were real thin due too electrolysis and when you busted the engine down for overhaul the studs would break off, it was plasma cutter time,with a steady hand is the only way I have ever seen it done. company named Rimco comes to mind,probably out of business now.

Myself I want nothing to do with broken bolts, unless I am the one to break them.

When this would happen on 80’s 6cyl BMW’s we would never mess with any on car techniques. Remove head,send to shop,bill customer.